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gcc-3 won't compile after cygwin upgrade (cygwin1.dll hiding)

There is no question; only a report.

I re-installed a new version of Cygwin (into f:\cygwin) after a recent
but long overdue
upgrade of the "base" caused 'makes' on my C project to begin failing
in strange ways.
The details of the failures are lost to my memory since I began
hunting around on this for several
weeks, but involved make [***] "Error 1" with no more details.

When I discovered the simplest helloworld.c would not
compile--although gcc-3 compeleted with
no errors, but with no .o or .exe either--I rolled back cygwin and
gcc-3 to their immediately prior

When that failed too, I uninstalled f:\cgywin entirely, including the
HKLM, HKCU entries
for Cygnus Solutions. I reinstalled the latest version, along with gcc-3.

Still, gcc-3 helloworld.c  in the new install failed the same way: no
errors, no output.

Searching the web and the Cygwin archvies turned up:
 cygcheck -svrh gcc-3 [thank you!]
which reported that f:/cygwin/bin/cygwin1.dll was hiding c:\windows\cygwin1.dll.

"Good," I thought "new should hide old."

However, renaming /bin/cygwin1.dll to /bin/cygwin1.dll_ to unhide the
older version
resulted in gcc-3 succeeding.

ListDLLS (from cannot come up with a version number
in /bin/cygwin1.dll,
but says c:\windows\cygwin1.dll is 1005.25.0000.0000.

However, ls -l shows:
$ ls -l /bin/cygwin1.dll_
-rwxr-x---+ 1 adm Users 1872884 Jun 12  2008 /bin/cygwin1.dll_*

$ ls -l /cygdrive/c/windows/cygwin1.dll
-rwx------+ 1 adm None 1873396 Mar  5  2008 /cygdrive/c/windows/cygwin1.dll*
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