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Re: Suggested patch for cygwin perl 5.10

Eliot Moss schrieb:
Dear cygwin / perl maintainers:
When running svk, a package written in perl that runs
"on top of" svn, I have found the attached patch to be
necessary. Otherwise svk does not handle filenames
properly. The first change is the essential one. The
second one just eliminates an annoying and possibly
confusing/alarming (but I think truly harmless)
warning about setting something a second time. (The
affected lines were only recently introduced, I
believe.) This has been going on for some time, and
I finally got organized to send this in, rather than
continuing to edit the file myself after each update.

The file in question is:



For the future, please create patches -u and not reverse.
We prefer old to new.
  diff -bu old new > new.patch

I'll discuss it upstream with the PathTools maintainers,
as it is quite a dignificant change. Admitted, Cwd is a minefield.
Reini Urban

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