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Re: can not enter password for SSH when running in another terminal (RXVT)

On 12/15/2009 01:25 PM, Leo Lagos wrote:
Hi... I've got the following problem, that I'll describe with the
steps, so You can reproduce it...

1. open cygwin (normal black command prompt window)
2. run "rxvt -e bash&" from there
3. on the rxvt terminal, execute an ssh to any host

Now, what happens is that the "password" prompt from the SSH will
appear on the black command prompt window, NOT in the rxvt terminal.
Even worst, the password can NOT be enter in any of them...

only option is to run SSH on the main black command prompt...

Please, anybody knows how to make SSH work in any other terminal, like
RXVT on this case?

WJFFM. But I'm using Cygwin 1.7 <>. I'm not sure what version of Cygwin you're trying this with. If you're using 1.7, please read and follow the problem reporting guidelines found here - <>. If you're using 1.5, try 1.7.

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