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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: doxygen-1.6.1-1


License : GNU GPL

Doxygen is a program source code documentation system for C++, C, Java, Objective-C, Python, IDL, Fortran, VHDL, PHP, C#, and D.

CHANGES SINCE LAST RELEASE ==========================

"id"s refer to Doxygen Bugzilla:

1.6.1 (2009-08-25)

Bug fixes:

    * Fixed file handle leak when parsing include files. Also fixed the
      logic that determines whether or not an include file need to be
    * Search result pages were not using UTF-8 character encoding.
    * Search results pointing to external references were not linked
    * id 133418: Multiline second argument of \ref caused unexpected "
    * id 592454: Feeding invalid XML could crash doxygen's DBus XML
    * id 592485: Include patch to fix problem with building rpms.
    * id 592511,592625: Doxywizard problem with GENERATE_TREEVIEW.
    * id 592650: SHOW_USED_FILES now works again.
    * id 592808: xrefitems (like @todo) did not appear in the list when
      found in comments marked with @enum or @name.

1.6.0 (2009-08-20)


    * id 580924, 541234: Replaced the PHP based search engine by a
      Javascript/DHTML based one. As a result the search feature no
      longer requires a HTTP server with PHP enabled to be usable.
      Searching is limited to symbols though, but it is now possible to
      filter on symbol type.
    * id 519886: Make the HTML output XHTML 1.0 compliant.
    * id 579950: Objective-C categories are now merged with their base
      class, unless there is no base class.
    * Member groups with the same header within the same scope are now
      merged. This also works for Objective-C categories.
    * Changed the LaTeX style sheet such that more of the markup is
      configurable. Please update your style sheet if you use a custom
    * id 584844: Treat \details inside a brief description as a new
      paragraph command.
    * Split GENERATE_TREEVIEW into two separate options:
    * Removed the dependencies on libpng and libz, doxygen now
      generates gifs again for internal class diagrams (like it did 7
      years ago ;-)

New features:

    * Added option SORT_MEMBERS_CTORS_1ST, which when enabled places
      the constructors and destructors first in an otherwise sorted
    * id 581518: Applied patch by Tobias Hunger that adds support for
      documenting DBus XML interface descriptions.
    * Included QtHelp patch by Karsten Heimrich which adds missing
      reference and keyword for methods.
    * Included updates for the Korean and Polish translation.

Bug fixes:

    * id 131989: Fixed preprocessor handling for C# code.
    * id 133418: -- was not rendered correctly for LaTeX output
    * id 157485: Missing link in todo page.
    * id 318061: Two template functions that only differed in the
      number of template arguments were seen as the same function.
    * id 443939: HIDE_UNDOC_CLASSES did not work properly.
    * id 509348: Fixed problem with syncing the information of
      declaration and definition in the presence of an extra forward
      declaration in the source code.
    * id 522193: For C# enum values were merged together if the same
      enum name was used in different scopes.
    * id 523167: Included patch to handle PROGRAM statement in Fortran
      as subroutines/functions.
    * id 554636: Remove spacing around brackets for Obj-C protocols.
    * id 557026: Included patch for fixing wrongly labeled items in
    * id 560512: Improved parser to better disambiguate nested
      templates ending with >> from the bitshift right operator.
    * id 570238: Fixed matching problem for method in nested class,
      where the outer class is a template.
    * id 581746: Segfault/realloc error when a very long path was used.
    * id 582469: documented #define with guard caused wrong
    * id 582276: Doxywizard could crash on exit in some cases.
    * id 582676: Regression: a struct ivar in ObjC class screws up
      method identification.
    * id 583213: Included patch that avoids trailing spaces in the
      generated Doxyfile template.
    * id 584192: Included VHDL patch by Martin Klein
    * id 585543: Fixed case where matching declaration and definition
      did not work correctly.
    * id 585260: The "more..." link for files was broken, since the
      anchor was not generated.
    * id 586925: Fixed parsing problem when an unpaired apostrophe
      appeared in a Python comment.
    * id 588291: Included fix for doxywizard makefile.
    * id 588587: Added missing virtual destructor to CompAccept base
    * id 588968: Fixed segmentation fault for specific case in PHP code.
    * Fixed some issues building for Windows.
    * id 589514: Fixed problem handling strings like a"\b" within a
    * id 589616: Fixed problem matching explicitly scoped parameter in
      a template class.
    * id 590712: A namespaced with name "internal" (C++/CLI keyword)
      could confuse doxygen's C++ parser.
    * id 591749: @optional/@required attributes for Objective-C were
      missing from the XML output.

1.5.9 (2009-04-30)

New features:

    * Added new option LATEX_SOURCE_CODE, which when enabled adds
      source code also to the latex output (typically to be used in
      combination with SOURCE_BROWSER)
    * Included updates for the Finnish, Romanian, Korean, German,
      Japanese, and Hongarian translation.
    * Added translation support for Esperanto.
    * id 579630: Added class attribute to the \todo and \bug HTML code
      so they can be customized via CSS.
    * id 578740: Added support for Æ and æ characters.

Bug fixes:

    * id 395169: Some links via tagfiles were not correct in
      combination with CREATE_SUBDIRS=YES
    * id 539080: Having the same comment for the declaration and
      definition of a function could result in duplicate documentation
      in case the indentation level was different.
    * id 566713: Dot font was not removed even though DOT_CLEANUP was
    * id 566925: Fixed problem resolving symbolic links.
    * id 567044: Fully qualified name was not shown correctly for
      nested classes.
    * id 567375: Fixed parse problem for typedefs with redundant braces.
    * id 567535: Fixed problem when parsing operator%= for CLI/C++ code.
    * id 567777: Fixed problem with latex output when using enums.
    * id 567990: Doxygen could crash when there was a symlink in
    * id 568237: Non-ascii values entered where not saved according to
    * id 568505: Fixed build problem for old Linux distributions.
    * id 569478: Fixed line continuation issue with the Fortran parser.
    * id 570960: C++ class defined in a .mm file was sometimes parsed
      as Objective-C code.
    * id 571013: In the wizard, editing a text field in the middle of
      the text in the expert tab caused the cursor to jump to the end
      of the line.
    * id 571096: Fixed Objective-C parsing problem when multiple
      protocol forward declarations are put on one line.
    * id 571990: Fixed compiler issue with portable_iconv by moving the
      function to a C file.
    * id 572560: Fixed parse issue when a #define is inside an enum.
    * id 572740: Fixed problem parsing C++ comments using line
    * id 573057: Included update for Swedish translator and changed the
      language code from SE to SV to comply with ISO 639.
    * id 578382: When referring to a static variable or function
      doxygen will now look at the file context in case of ambiguity.

1.5.8 (2008-12-27)


    * Completely rewrote the doxywizard. Main changes:
          o It is now based on Qt version 4. (4.3 or higher is required)
          o Different layout that allows easy switching between wizard
            and expert mode, without losing settings.
          o Running doxygen can be done without first having to save
            the configuration file.
          o For HTML output, there is a button to show the results in
            the default browser.
          o Option to change the default configuration that is used
            when you first start the wizard.
          o Non-default options are shown with red label, and there is
            context menu to reset them back to the default.
    * Included Qt help update by Sebastian Pipping introducing three
      new options to define custom filter sections and attributes:
      QHP_SECT_FILTER_ATTRS. Doxygen now directly generates the indices
      needed by the qthelpgenerator. Qt customers can have a look at
      issue 28 of the Qt Quarterly for more information.

New features:

    * id 131496, 522488, 541649, 554800: Add new option
      EXTENSION_MAPPING, which can be used to change the mapping of
      file extension to language parser, e.g. defining
      EXTENSION_MAPPING = f=C will make doxygen parse files with the .f
      extension as if it were C files.
    * Added support for Vietnamese (thanks to Dang Minh Tuan)
    * Thanks to Emin Ilker Cetinbas doxygen can now also produce
      Turkish documentation.
    * id 143218: It is now possible to add the direction attributes
      normally used with the @param command to document parameters
      inline, e.g.

void foo(int v /**< [in] input parameter docs */);

Bug fixes:

    * TYPEDEF_HIDES_STRUCT did not work correctly if the typedef did a
      forward declaration of the struct/union.
    * id 153222: Fixed issue following recursive symbolic links.
    * id 423223: Detailed description was not visible for group
      functions when SEPARATE_MEMBER_PAGES was enabled.
    * id 437346: Fixed issue handling multibyte characters in the RTF
    * id 475377: Improved error handling in case of character encoding
    * id 486747: Inherited typedefs were not resolved propertly.
    * id 508752: Add support for BLOCK DATA to the fortran parser.
    * id 532695: included documentation update about the use of \public
      and friends for object-oriented programming in C.
    * id 532808: References to class variables in PHP code did not
      already work.
    * id 536394: Warning "no matching file member found" was given for
      a static variables in multiple anonymous namespaces.
    * id 537686: Fixed invalid empty section for enum in a member group.
    * id 539590: C# generics with the same name but different template
      parameters where merged.
    * id 540321: A using declaration in a header file was not taken
      into account in the source file that included it.
    * id 540520: Have two C# enum values with the same name in
      different enums was not handled properly.
    * id 543036: //## comments were extracted even if they were not
      part of Rose documentation.
    * id 547436: Fixed issue combining Python docstrings and doxygen
    * id 551615: A multiline C# comment with @ was not shown correctly
      in the source browser.
    * id 544598: A multiline comment as part of a #define could case
      wrong line counting and missing cross-references.
    * id 545128: \overload didn't work if it was the last statement in
      a comment and not followed by a newline.
    * id 553380: Removed bogus warning refering to a namespace member
      from with a brief description that was converted to a tooltip.
    * id 553968: Added support for JavaDoc command {@code ... }
    * id 554444: Bullet lists were no longer correctly indented when
      using IE6.
    * id 554674: Fixed index rendering bug in the RTF output.
    * id 555174: The .qch file didn't include generated images.
    * id 555200: Fixed potential crash bug when parsing special comment
      inside an if at global scope level of a PHP code fragment.
    * id 556240: Tree view in HTML output was not encoded correctly.
    * id 557001: VHDL Parser got confused when -- is in a string
    * id 557014: Undocumented VHDL record member's internal record
      prefix was not removed.
    * id 557026: Obj-C Protocols and interfaces had wrong type/name in
    * id 557031: Obj-C methods no longer require a space after the
      initial - or +.
    * id 557034: Fixed problem parsing property in Objective-C code.
    * id 557038: Items in tabs.css could not be overridden by custom
      style sheet.
    * id 557419: $relpath$ was no longer expanded in custom HTML
    * id 557735: Summary for member groups was missing for groups and
    * id 558078: collaboration graph of a class using std::list of
      another class was not correct if the classes where inside a
    * id 558460: When using \subpage, any section in the sub page was
      missing from the LaTeX output.
    * id 558525: Template classes produced invalid HTML in the tree
    * id 559338: PHP Parser could get confused when there was a comment
      inside an array initializer.
    * id 559650: Obj-C @interface without body was handle correctly.
    * id 560623: Mixin template classes where not shown properly in the
      inheritance diagram if the classes where inside a namespace.
    * id 563136: The brief sentence is not shown for groups with no
    * id 563384: call graphs were not generated for Qt signals and slots
    * Included VHDL fix by Martin Kreis.
    * grouping of multiple @todo's (and friends) didn't work anymore,
      causing duplicate sections and labels.
    * Some issues related to the Qt help output were fixed. (2008-10-05)


    * The dot tool is no longer part of the doxygen package for MacOSX.
      Please install GraphViz separately and set the dot path to

New features:

    * Added option DOT_FONTSIZE which allows to set the size of the
      fonts used in dot generated graphs.

Bug fixes:

    * id 554432: Re-added ALPHABETICAL_INDEX option.
    * id 554379: Fixed internal error for GENERATE_INDEXLOG when
      GENERATE_HTML was set to NO.
    * id 554546: Included fix for handling relative includes in the
    * Included several VHDL fixes related to syntax highlighting,
      finding class members, and mixing upper and lower case.
    * Included patch to allow setting DEST_DIR environment variable to
      determine where to install doxygen.

1.5.7 (2008-09-28)


    * The default CSS style sheet has been cleaned up and simplified,
      thanks to the work done by Quinn Taylor.

New features

    * Added new config options GENERATE_QHP which enables generating
      .qch (Qt compiled help) file via the Qt's qthelpgenerator tool
      (part of Qt 4.4+). This type of files can be read with Qt's
      Assisant to browse the documentation in a similar way as is
      possible with Microsoft's compiled HTML help (.chm). To further
      customize the output and run the help generator from within
      doxygen, the following options are available: QCH_FILE,
      Sebastian Pipping for the patch.
    * Add new option SYMBOL_CACHE_SIZE to allow a different trade off
      between doxygen's memory usage and the amount of disk accesses.
    * id 532695: Added 3 new commands: \extends, \implements, and
      \memberof that allow object oriented constructs to be documented
      as such for languages that do not support it natively (e.g. C)
    * Added better support for one line comments after VHDL types.
    * Added new option LAYOUT_FILE which can be used to specify a
      layout template file that tells doxygen in which order to
      generate the output and which titles to use for headings and how
      the navigation index will look; Read this for more info. As a
      result the following options are now obsolete since they can now
      only be controlled via the layout file: DETAILS_AT_TOP,
      ALPHABETICAL_INDEX. The following options can also be set via the
      layout file, but for convenience and backward compatibility
      reasons they are still also part of the configuration file:
      INCLUDED_BY_GRAPH. Run doxygen with the -l option to generate the
      default layout file.
    * Included update for the Macedonian, Catalan, Brazilian, and
      Serbian translation and also support for Serbian with Cyrilic

Bug fixes:

    * id 140264, 332187, 541924: Sections inside a \subpage where not
      shown as subsection in the LaTeX/RTF output.
    * id 155098,156188: Added support for UTF-8 special characters in
      identifiers (which is allowed by e.g. C#).
    * id 304598: operator-- caused invalid HTML output.
    * id 324047: parameter type [in or out] were not generated in RTF
    * id 363499: @todo and friends did not work in a comment marked
      with @dir.
    * id 445485: HTML commands in a comment block with attribute values
      without quotes were not handled properly.
    * id 533855: Processes were always documented as anonymous in VHDL
    * id 535379: Added support for %{...%} blocks in XPCOM's IDL.
    * id 536298: Last port in a VHDL port list was not correctly put in
      a member group.
    * id 536385: Fixed problem matching function prototype and
      implementation under certain conditions.
    * id 536629: Fixed compilation issue on NetBSD.
    * id 537393: Properties in Python were not properly handled.
    * id 538065: Added support for @optional and @required in Objective
      C 2.0 protocols.
    * id 538239: Some unlabeled VHDL processes were not corrected
    * id 538515: Deriving a Objective-C interface from a protocol
      caused parsing problems if the interface also has a body.
    * id 539057: Part of an Objective-C expression could be missing in
      the source browser under certain conditions.
    * id 539590: Generic C# classes with the same name but different
      template arguments were no longer treated as different classes.
    * id 539712: Fixed code parser issue for parameter indices of
      procedures and functions.
    * id 540058: Creator code was wrong in the MacOSX application
    * id 540372: Fixed problem parsing large table by increasing
      YY_READ_BUF_SIZE in the generated parser files.
    * id 540247: Fixed potential memory corruption issue parsing VHDL.
    * id 541113: Fixed locale for ctype, to avoid stripping of 0xA0
      from multi-byte UTF-8 characters.
    * id 544479: SORT_MEMBER_DOCS did not work for class members.
    * id 546621: Fixed makefile so that .svn stuff is removed from the
      tarball when doing "make archive".
    * id 546812: Using a table with row span greater than 1 did not
      produce correct LaTeX output.
    * id 545098: Fixed problem parsing where clauses in combination
      with C# generics.
    * id 545503: Nameless parameters of type "struct A" could end up
      wrongly in the XML output.
    * id 545970: Refering to the main page did not work as advertised.
    * id 546158: The variable defined inside a foreach statement in C#
      code was not considered for source linking, cause potentially
      incomplete call graphs.
    * id 547361: Linking to specialized template functions did not work.
    * id 548175: Fixed problem parsing class members within a class X,
      inside a namespace that is also named X.
    * id 548443: Documenting a nested namespace/classes with @namespace
      X.Y did not work for C# (only X::Y worked).
    * id 548489: C++/CLI classes of type sealed abstract were not
      processed correctly.
    * id 549318: Some headings in the user manual where wrongly
    * id 549581: Fixed potential buffer overflow in preprocessor.
    * id 550058: Obj-C: properties for private fields did not appear in
      the output unless EXTRACT_PRIVATE was enabled.
    * id 550156: Corrected typo in the documentation for
    * id 550247: Fixed problem parsing octal character literals in the
      preprocessing phase.
    * id 551739: Related function with explicit namespace scope was not
      properly placed if the function also existed in the global
    * id 552115: Anonymous structs and unions could produce invalid
      links in the html help index.
    * id 552361: Fixed problem with operators in the LaTeX output.
    * id 552600: \copybrief ended a brief description instead of
      appending to it.
    * id 553469: Removed bogus warning about internal inconsistency
      when importing items via a tagfiles that are inside an
      undocumented scope.
    * id 553616: One can now remove the automatic line breaks in the
      type part of a declaration by using a custom stylesheet with
      BR.typebreak { display: none; }
    * id 553663: Aliases did not work in Fortan comments.
    * id 549022: Reimplemented in links could be wrong in case of
      overloaded members.
    * id 553225: Parser was confused by arrays inside an Obj-C message.
    * Finnish translation was disabled.
    * A collaboration graph with multiple edge labels with not written
      to the XML output correctly.
    * sub pages of a \mainpage were not shown in the Latex/RTF output.
    * Included some fixed for the VHDL parser.

1.5.6 (2008-05-18)


    * The GENERATE_TREEVIEW option is not longer a boolean, but can now
      have 4 values, NONE (was NO), FRAME (was YES), HIERARCHIES, and
      ALL. Thanks to Jake Colman for the patch.
    * A page marked as a sub page (\subpage) is now shown in the LaTeX
      and RTF output as a section of its parent page. So the top level
      pages are shown a chapters, subpages as sections, subpages of a
      subpage as subsections, etc.
    * Included spec file updates by Kenneth Porter.

New features

    * id 514810: Added DOT_FONTNAME and DOT_FONTPATH options which
      allow instructing dot to use a different font than FreeSans.ttf
      which doxygen put in the output directory.
    * id 517242: Added option CHM_INDEX_ENCODING to specify the
      encoding to be used for the CHM index files. Needed because CHM
      index files cannot handle UTF-8 encoding.
    * id 519573: Included patch to make the font-size button visible in
      the CHM output.
    * id 521288: Added new options SHOW_NAMESPACES and SHOW_FILES to
      Suppress Namepace and Files Pages.
    * id 521495: Included a patch that makes it easy to modify the root
      of the html treeview with an image using style sheets.
    * id 522300: Added option IDL_PROPERTY_SUPPORT to enable/disable
      special propget/propput handling in IDL files.
    * Translation support for Finnish has been updated.
    * Added option FORMULA_FONTSIZE which can be used to change the
      font size of the formulas included in the HTML documentation.
    * included update for Russian translation.
    * included patch to fixed some issues with VHDL code and add
      support for some VHDL-93 constructs.

Bug fixes:

    * Regression: fixed problem handling STL classes when
      BUILTIN_STL_SUPPORT was enabled
    * id 142866,377976: Added new \copybrief and \copydetails commands,
      which work as \copydoc but then only copy either the brief or the
      detailed part of a comment block.
    * id 312655: DISTRIBUTE_GROUP_DOC didn't always work in combination
      with SORT_BRIEF_DOCS enabled.
    * id 352234: The search index could contain invalid references when
    * id 402447: Added support for C# method declarations with where
    * id 425029: WARN_FORMAT does no longer require all of $file,
      $line, $text to be valid.
    * id 495687: Replaced MAX_DOT_GRAPH_MAX_NODES with
      DOT_GRAPH_MAX_NODES in the docs & config file.
    * id 508694 Fixed problem with mixed simple and double quotes in
      fortran format declaration
    * id 508752: Fixed problem where the fortran scanner didn't
      recognize END
    * id 510971: Fortran: parser was confused by double REAL() in
      processed statements.
    * id 514488: Fixed problem matching argument lists with const
    * id 514891: PDF generation failed with a LaTeX error when tocdepth
      was set to a value higher than 2.
    * id 515518: Links in member group documentation was broken when
      CREATE_SUBDIRS was enabled.
    * id 516086: Fixed division by zero when producing RTF output for
      the comment /** <table><tr></tr></table> */
    * id 516536: Fixed build issues on OSX 10.4 and earlier.
    * id 516070: Added support for simple events without accessors in
    * id 516387: replace 0xA0 character in perlmodgen.cpp by a space to
      avoid compilation problems with the Chinese version of Visual
    * id 517112: Regression: examples with the same name but different
      paths cause "file not found" warning.
    * id 518334: Fixed problem parsing Objective-C protocol definitions.
    * id 518537: Hiding an enum with an undocumented typedef with the
      same name caused explicit referencing of the enum to fail.
    * id 519661: In some cases a function prototype could incorrectly
      be flagged as a variable with constructor.
    * id 520325: Fixed parse problem when comment was after an extern
      "C" block and before the opening bracket.
    * id 521234: Fortran: fixed problem causing "stack empty! when
      parsing code"
    * id 522225: PDF Latex output did not produce proper hyperlinks for
      \page and \subpage comment blocks.
    * id 522248: Page header were wrongly displayed in the RTF output.
    * id 522415: Fixed compile errors in addon/doxmlparser.
    * id 522600: Added additional warnings to signal invalid
    * id 523138: Removed redundant paragraph in navigation section of
      the HTML output.
    * id 523326: Namespace name was prepended twice to template
      specializations classes.
    * id 524357: Default mentioned for REFERENCED_BY_RELATION relation
      was not correct.
    * id 524359: Default mentioned for REFERENCES_RELATION relation was
      not correct.
    * id 524473: Removed incorrect warnings about parameters in VHDL.
    * id 525140: Improved handling of Objective-C 2.0 properties.
    * id 525143: Properties are now listed as attributes in the UML
    * id 525144: GENERATE_DOCSET option greyed out in doxywizard.
    * id 526155: Removed warning about QFile::setName when parsing VHDL
    * id 527781: Template arguments for bases class not shown in a
      consistent way.
    * id 528023: Inheritance relations were not correctly displayed for
      C# generics.
    * id 528424: Fixed rendering bug in HTML output when used with
    * id 528584: Using enum and enum value with the same name in C#
      code caused crash.
    * id 528620: Fixed typo in French translation.
    * id 528815: Fixed problem parsing define() statements in PHP code.
    * id 528989: Leading C comment could prevent preprocessor expansion
      for the rest of the line.
    * id 529803: Doxygen didn't find call(er) relations for C# when
      using this.Method() calls;
    * id 529554: Putting defined() inside a macro caused the
      preprocessor to get confused.
    * id 529758: C++/CLI: default inheritance is now public, nested
      templates ending with >> are now handled properly as well as
      indexed properties.
    * id 530201: Avoided warning for undocumented self parameter in

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