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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: sqlite3-3.6.2-1


License : Public Domain (no, really!)

SQLite is a C library providing local database storage with a SQL interface. Unlike most SQL database systems, SQLite does not accept connections from remote users. Access to the database requires access to the file system hosting it; SQLite thus relies on the operating system's file security for access control. In exchange for this limitation, you get a smaller, faster database engine that's easy to embed within a program.

CHANGES SINCE LAST RELEASE ==========================

Changes since previous, 3.6.2-1:

2009 Dec 07 (3.6.21)

    * The SQL output resulting from sqlite3_trace() is now modified to
      include the values of bound parameters.
    * Performance optimizations targetting a specific use case from a
      single high-profile user of SQLite. A 12% reduction in the number
      of CPU operations is achieved (as measured by valgrind). Actual
      performance improvements in practice may vary depending on
      workload. Changes include:
          o The ifnull() and coalesce() SQL functions are now
            implemented using in-line VDBE code rather than calling
            external functions, so that unused arguments need never be
          o The substr() SQL function does not bother to measure the
            length its entire input string if it is only computing a
          o Unnecessary OP_IsNull, OP_Affinity, and OP_MustBeInt VDBE
            opcodes are suppressed
          o Various code refactorizations for performance
    * The FTS3 extension has undergone a major rework and cleanup. New
      FTS3 documentation is now available.
    * The SQLITE_SECURE_DELETE compile-time option fixed to make sure
      that content is deleted even when the truncate optimization
    * Improvements to "dot-command" handling in the Command Line
    * Other minor bug fixes and documentation enhancements.

2009 Nov 4 (3.6.20)

    * Optimizer enhancement: prepared statements are automatically
      re-compiled when a binding on the RHS of a LIKE operator changes
      or when any range constraint changes under SQLITE_ENABLE_STAT2.
    * Various minor bug fixes and documentation enhancements.

2009 Oct 30 (

* A small patch to version 3.6.16 to fix the OP_If bug.

2009 Oct 14 (3.6.19)

    * Added support for foreign key constraints. Foreign key
      constraints are disabled by default. Use the foreign_keys pragma
      to turn them on.
    * Generalized the IS and IS NOT operators to take arbitrary
      expressions on their right-hand side.
    * The TCL Interface has been enhanced to use the Non-Recursive
      Engine (NRE) interface to the TCL interpreter when linked against
      TCL 8.6 or later.
    * Fix a bug introduced in 3.6.18 that can lead to a segfault when
      an attempt is made to write on a read-only database.

2009 Sep 11 (3.6.18)

    * Versioning of the SQLite source code has transitioned from CVS to
    * Query planner enhancements.
    * The SQLITE_ENABLE_STAT2 compile-time option causes the ANALYZE
      command to collect a small histogram of each index, to help
      SQLite better select among competing range query indices.
    * Recursive triggers can be enabled using the PRAGMA
      recursive_triggers statement.
    * Delete triggers fire when rows are removed due to a REPLACE
      conflict resolution. This feature is only enabled when recursive
      triggers are enabled.
      flags for sqlite3_open_v2() used to override the global shared
      cache mode settings for individual database connections.
    * Added improved version identification features: C-Preprocessor
      macro SQLITE_SOURCE_ID, C/C++ interface sqlite3_sourceid(), and
      SQL function sqlite_source_id().
    * Obscure bug fix on triggers ([efc02f9779]).

2009 Aug 10 (3.6.17)

    * Expose the sqlite3_strnicmp() interface for use by extensions and
    * Remove the restriction on virtual tables and shared cache mode.
      Virtual tables and shared cache can now be used at the same time.
    * Many code simplifications and obscure bug fixes in support of
      providing 100% branch test coverage.

2009 June 27 (3.6.16)

    * Fix a bug (ticket #3929) that occasionally causes INSERT or
      UPDATE operations to fail on an indexed table that has a
      self-modifying trigger.
    * Other minor bug fixes and performance optimizations.

2009 June 15 (3.6.15)

    * Refactor the internal representation of SQL expressions so that
      they use less memory on embedded platforms.
    * Reduce the amount of stack space used
    * Fix an 64-bit alignment bug on HP/UX and Sparc
    * The sqlite3_create_function() family of interfaces now return
      SQLITE_MISUSE instead of SQLITE_ERROR when passed invalid
      parameter combinations.
    * When new tables are created using CREATE TABLE ... AS SELECT ...
      the datatype of the columns is the simplified SQLite datatype
      (TEXT, INT, REAL, NUMERIC, or BLOB) instead of a copy of the
      original datatype from the source table.
    * Resolve race conditions when checking for a hot rollback journal.
    * The sqlite3_shutdown() interface frees all mutexes under windows.
    * Enhanced robustness against corrupt database files
    * Continuing improvements to the test suite and fixes to obscure
      bugs and inconsistencies that the test suite improvements are

2009 May 25 (

    * Fix a code generator bug introduced in version 3.6.14. This bug
      can cause incorrect query results under obscure circumstances.
      Ticket #3879.

2009 May 19 (

    * Fix a bug in group_concat(), ticket #3841
    * Fix a performance bug in the pager cache, ticket #3844
    * Fix a bug in the sqlite3_backup implementation that can lead to a
      corrupt backup database. Ticket #3858.

2009 May 7 (3.6.14)

    * Added the optional asynchronous VFS module.
    * Enhanced the query optimizer so that virtual tables are able to
      make use of OR and IN operators in the WHERE clause.
    * Speed improvements in the btree and pager layers.
    * Added the SQLITE_HAVE_ISNAN compile-time option which will cause
      the isnan() function from the standard math library to be used
      instead of SQLite's own home-brew NaN checker.
    * Countless minor bug fixes, documentation improvements, new and
      improved test cases, and code simplifications and cleanups.

2009 April 13 (3.6.13)

    * Fix a bug in version 3.6.12 that causes a segfault when running a
      count(*) on the sqlite_master table of an empty database. Ticket
    * Fix a bug in version 3.6.12 that causes a segfault that when
      inserting into a table using a DEFAULT value where there is a
      function as part of the DEFAULT value expression. Ticket #3791.
    * Fix data structure alignment issues on Sparc. Ticket #3777.
    * Other minor bug fixes.

2009 March 31 (3.6.12)

    * Fixed a bug that caused database corruption when an
      incremental_vacuum is rolled back in an in-memory database.
      Ticket #3761.
    * Added the sqlite3_unlock_notify() interface.
    * Added the reverse_unordered_selects pragma.
    * The default page size on windows is automatically adjusted to
      match the capabilities of the underlying filesystem.
    * Add the new ".genfkey" command in the CLI for generating triggers
      to implement foreign key constraints.
    * Performance improvements for "count(*)" queries.
    * Reduce the amount of heap memory used, especially by TRIGGERs.

2009 Feb 18 (3.6.11)

    * Added the hot-backup interface.
    * Added new commands ".backup" and ".restore" to the CLI.
    * Added new methods backup and restore to the TCL interface.
    * Improvements to the syntax bubble diagrams
    * Various minor bug fixes

2009 Jan 15 (3.6.10)

    * Fix a cache coherency problem that could lead to database
      corruption. Ticket #3584.

2009 Jan 14 (3.6.9)

    * Fix two bugs, which when combined might result in incorrect query
      results. Both bugs were harmless by themselves; only when they
      team up do they cause problems. Ticket #3581.

2009 Jan 12 (3.6.8)

    * Added support for nested transactions
    * Enhanced the query optimizer so that it is able to use multiple
      indices to efficiently process OR-connected constraints in a
      WHERE clause.
    * Added support for parentheses in FTS3 query patterns using the
      SQLITE_ENABLE_FTS3_PARENTHESIS compile-time option.

2008 Dec 16 (3.6.7)

    * Reorganize the Unix interface in os_unix.c
    * Added support for "Proxy Locking" on MacOSX.
    * Changed the prototype of the sqlite3_auto_extension() interface
      in a way that is backwards compatible but which might cause
      warnings in new builds of applications that use that interface.
    * Changed the signature of the xDlSym method of the sqlite3_vfs
      object in a way that is backwards compatible but which might
      cause compiler warnings.
    * Added superfluous casts and variable initializations in order to
      suppress nuisance compiler warnings.
    * Fixes for various minor bugs.

2008 Nov 26 (

    * Fix a bug in the b-tree delete algorithm that seems like it might
      be able to cause database corruption. The bug was first
      introduced in version 3.6.6 by check-in [5899] on 2008-11-13.
    * Fix a memory leak that can occur following a disk I/O error.

2008 Nov 22 (

    * Fix a bug in the page cache that can lead database corruption
      following a rollback. This bug was first introduced in version
    * Two other very minor bug fixes

2008 Nov 19 (3.6.6)

    * Fix a #define that prevented memsys5 from compiling
    * Fix a problem in the virtual table commit mechanism that was
      causing a crash in FTS3. Ticket #3497.
    * Add the application-defined page cache
    * Added built-in support for VxWorks

2008 Nov 12 (3.6.5)

    * Add the MEMORY option to the journal_mode pragma.
    * Added the sqlite3_db_mutex() interface.
    * Added the SQLITE_OMIT_TRUNCATE_OPTIMIZATION compile-time option.
    * Fixed the truncate optimization so that sqlite3_changes() and
      sqlite3_total_changes() interfaces and the count_changes pragma
      return the correct values.
    * Added the sqlite3_extended_errcode() interface.
    * The COMMIT command now succeeds even if there are pending
      queries. It returns SQLITE_BUSY if there are pending incremental
      BLOB I/O requests.
    * The error code is changed to SQLITE_BUSY (instead of
      SQLITE_ERROR) when an attempt is made to ROLLBACK while one or
      more queries are still pending.
    * Drop all support for the experimental memory allocators memsys4
      and memsys6.
    * Added the SQLITE_ZERO_MALLOC compile-time option.

2008 Oct 15 (3.6.4)

    * Add option support for LIMIT and ORDER BY clauses on DELETE and
      UPDATE statements. Only works if SQLite is compiled with
    * Added the sqlite3_stmt_status() interface for performance
    * Add the INDEXED BY clause.
    * The LOCKING_STYLE extension is now enabled by default on Mac OS X
    * Added the TRUNCATE option to PRAGMA journal_mode
    * Performance enhancements to tree balancing logic in the B-Tree
    * Added the source code and documentation for the genfkey program
      for automatically generating triggers to enforce foreign key
    * Added the SQLITE_OMIT_TRUNCATE_OPTIMIZATION compile-time option.
    * The SQL language documentation is converted to use syntax
      diagrams instead of BNF.
    * Other minor bug fixes

2008 Sep 22 (3.6.3)

    * Fix for a bug in the SELECT DISTINCT logic that was introduced by
      the prior version.
    * Other minor bug fixes

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