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Re: Cygwin git - Configuration Problem? [was Re: BASH Shell - Configuration Problem?]

On Mon, Dec 14, 2009 at 04:53, Dave Korn
<> wrote:
> David Antliff wrote:
>> I've set this in Cygwin.bat and used it successfully to allow users to
>> run bash scripts that are in DOS text-file format. This turns out to
>> be really important when using git with core.autocrlf=true...
> ?Say, do you mean "This turns out to be really important when using native
> win32 git instead of cygwin git", or do you mean that cygwin git use CRLF as
> the system's default eol rather than LF as it probably ought?

Hmm, I hadn't thought of it like that, but I suppose what I mean is
that "cygwin git uses CRLF as the system's default eol".

So to doubly-confirm: I'm using Cygwin-1.5's git and text files appear
after a fresh clone with CR characters. Same behaviour with
Cygwin-1.7's git-

But I'm not sure what the implications are of changing this though. I
just know that we couldn't get bash scripts to work properly until we
made this igncr setting for everyone. I seem to recall it wasn't
consistently broken either, but it certainly threw a spanner in the
works until I discovered that igncr setting.

For the record, core.autocrlf=true on Cygwin is an absolute PITA  ;)

Hmm, actually, maybe you can help me work out why a file with trailing
whitespace on the end of one or more lines causes cygwin's git to flag
the file as locally modified when the file hasn't been touched at all.
A 'git diff' shows the entire file as being different, due to the line
endings switching over. Most annoying. I can write more if you're
interested and want to hear about it :)

-- David.

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