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Re: Looking for the 'stdout' of a Windows application

On 12/13/2009 04:21 PM, Dave Korn wrote:
Ghastly top-heavy over-engineered UML-laden bloatware that comes with its own non-standard filing system does tend to make me do that ;-)
Clearcase does not use UML - nor UML laden bloatware AFAICT. Perhaps you're thinking of Rational Rose. The "non-standard filing system" you refer to is call MVFS and it's for MultiVersion File System and only used if you use dynamic views. You can use snapshot views where not MVFS is involved. MVFS is a good idea if used correctly IMHO. Clearcase is indeed a complex system and is not for everybody but it does indeed have it's place.

Marc, in general, the problem is that cleartool is written for Windows thus uses /dev/conout and anything that employees a pty will swallow your prompt as Windows just doesn't understand ptys. This includes things like xterm, rxvt, and even Cygwin console windows if you've ssh'ed somewhere. I do recall using a piece of Windows freeware I believe called Terminal which worked well with Cygwin and ptys by apparently doing all the I/O in the background the Windows way and presenting it to Terminal properly. If you need I could ask a friend what that software is as I don't have access to it anymore.
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