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Re: Looking for the 'stdout' of a Windows application

Marc Girod wrote:
> Dave Korn-6 wrote:
>>   *shudder*
> Er?

  Ghastly top-heavy over-engineered UML-laden bloatware that comes with its
own non-standard filing system does tend to make me do that ;-)

>> It's almost certainly not hung: it's printed the prompt, which has gotten
>>  lost somewhere, and it's now waiting for your input. Try hitting enter.
> This is what I meant.
> I thought I had tried hitting Enter... It works.
> Under emacs, the shell gets killed!?

  That'll teach you to choose the wrong side in the One True Editor wars!

>> When you say it doesn't work in the "Cygwin terminal", do you mean the 
>> standard dos-box style console?  If it doesn't work there, you must have 
>> the 'tty' set in your CYGWIN environment variable; remove it.
> I did. Removed. No effect. Should I have rebooted?

  It should suffice to exit all cygwin processes, but don't forget that
includes any cygwin services you've got running.

> BTW, after killing the process from an other teminal, I loose the stdin/out
> in this one (be it the console or xterm).

  Try 'stty sane', typing blind if you have to?


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