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Re: Looking for the 'stdout' of a Windows application

2009/12/13 Marc Girod:
>> Surprised it doesn't work in the Cygwin console, unless you've got
>> CYGWIN=tty set?
> I have. Dave Korn told me to take it away.
> Anyway, no result one way or the other.

Did you restart your Cygwin session? I think that setting only gets
read once at the start of the first Cygwin process.

>> I'm currently working on a little utility for this sort of situation.
>> It's called 'conin' and translates Cygwin pty input to Windows console
>> input. Source is available at
>> and a Cygwin 1.7
>> executable can be found at
> I took your binary, and tried it in my emacs shell: it didn't help, apart
> that the shell didn't die in the end.

Oh well. I obviously misdiagnosed the situation, since you'd said the
problem was that output didn't appear. That probably means that
cleartool is using console-specific output functions. 'conin' does not
address that.

Are you getting no output from cleartool at all or is it just that the
prompt that doesn't appear? Any reaction if you enter a command


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