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Re: Looking for the 'stdout' of a Windows application

2009/12/13 Dave Korn:
>> I'm currently working on a little utility for this sort of situation.
>> It's called 'conin'
> ÂConin The Barbarian?

Yeah, I guess with all the goodness of Cygwin available, using native
console programs is rather a savage thing to do. ;)

> Heh. ÂThis looks pretty interesting. ÂIt would be neat
> if there was a low-cost way of detecting native windows executables that need
> this and making it happen automatically, possibly in the Cygwin DLL.

Hmm, if it can be shown to work to a sufficient degree.

> ÂBTW you probably want to remove that left-over-from-testing-looking spawnl()
> call just at the top of main(), don't you?

Actually that's an important line, but it does badly need a comment.
The program is compiled with -mwindows, and that spawn call is a hack
to get Cygwin to allocate a hidden console.

Speaking of which, any chance of making the hidden console stuff
available through an official interface, e.g.


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