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Re: Looking for the 'stdout' of a Windows application

On 2009-12-13, Marc Girod wrote:
> Hello,
> I run a proprietary application, IBM Rational cleartool.exe from cygwin.
> In some usage scenarios which I am now interested in, it prompts the user
> for an interactive decision.
> I do not get this prompt under cygwin (either X --emacs shell or xterm-- or
> the Cygwin terminal.
> My process just hangs.
> I get it in the Windows Command Prompt, in plain text mode, and I can reply
> there.

The problem is that cleartool was written to run in a Windows
console, not in the kind of pty terminal interface that Unix
terminals and the Cygwin rxvt and xterm terminals provide.  Some
cleartool commands just print to stdout, and those will work fine in
a pty terminal.  When cleartool prompts for user input, however, it
uses the Console interface, which doesn't work in a pty.

There was a thread about this issue in this list in March 2008.

What I've done is to write a wrapper bash script around cleartool
that "intercepts" commands that require user input and either
manages the user input dialog itself or prints a message telling the
user to use a Windows Command Prompt or use a non-interactive form
of the command.


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