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Re: Looking for the 'stdout' of a Windows application

Marc Girod wrote:

> I run a proprietary application, IBM Rational cleartool.exe from cygwin.


> In some usage scenarios which I am now interested in, it prompts the user
> for an interactive decision.
> I do not get this prompt under cygwin (either X --emacs shell or xterm-- or
> the Cygwin terminal.
> My process just hangs.

  It's almost certainly not hung: it's printed the prompt, which has gotten
lost somewhere, and it's now waiting for your input.  Try hitting enter.

> I get it in the Windows Command Prompt, in plain text mode, and I can reply
> there.
> I give an example below.
> I tried to use the SysInternals tools to find what kind of file descriptor
> might be open while my process is hanging.
> My first surprise is that the pid reported by pslist doesn't match this
> reported under cygwin by ps.

  Perfectly normal.  That's why cygwin's ps output has the WINPID column.
(Remember, you can't properly fork or exec in windows; you have to create a
new process each time.)

> The tools I used is: handle -a -p <pid>
> (using the pid reported by: pslist cleartool)
> The list is rather long, and I am not sure what to look at there.

  It's not really useful information.  Your cygcheck output would have helped
more.  When you say it doesn't work in the "Cygwin terminal", do you mean the
standard dos-box style console?  If it doesn't work there, you must have the
'tty' set in your CYGWIN environment variable; remove it.

  As for the gui terminals, there's probably nothing you can do.  Well, apart
from typing your answers blind each time it pauses...


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