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Cygwin 1.5.25, vim 7.2-3: [Even more Info] 'cw' and white-space

Additional info:

Looking up 'help cw' tells me that the behavior I am seeing should 
happen if the 'w' flag is set in 'cpoptions'. However, I checked
my cpoptions (with 'set cpoptions?') -- and found that 
it is 'aABceFs' -- i.e. no 'w'. Problem still there. 

[Sorry I'm re-posting outside the thread as I don't know how to follow 
up on the mailing list when I'm not subscribed to it. Would be grateful 
if anyone can tell me how.]

Additional information on the problem below 
   -- I don't have any .vimrc, .gvimrc. .exrc or anything like that in my home directory. 
   -- I've also tried running 'vim -u NONE' -- and I face the same problem.

(I've seen a reply from Corinna Vinschen suggesting that there may be an 
issue with '.vimrc' -- so I cross checked.)

-- Avijit

On Dec 10 19:17, Avijit Ghosh wrote:
> VIM seems to be behaving improperly executing the 'cw' command when the
> cursor is positioned on a block of contiguous white-space characters.
> It is changing *only* the character it is positioned on (instead of changing
> up to the last white-space in the block).
> Consider the following example text (please read using fixed-width font):
> alpha       beta
>      ^
>      Cursor here
> If I type 'cw<ESC>', I get:
> alpha      beta
> I expect, based on using Win32 native VIM 7.2, Cygwin VIM 6.x, and other
> VIM/vi on Unix platforms -- and also on behavior or 'dw' or just 'w' on
> *this* version of VIM:
> alphabeta
> That is, I expect 'cw' to be equivalent in general to 'dwi', and 'cw<ESC>'
> to be equivalent to 'dw' --- this is not the case any more, it seems.


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