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Re: Is 1.7 ready?/Installation Issues

Dave & Diane wrote:

> I appreciate that I'm not giving you a lot to go on here, but my gut
> tells me there are some serious gremlins in the guts and in the
> installation still, it certainly prevents me from moving my 1.5 system
> to 1.7 at work and I'm worried that if 1.7 is released you'll be
> overwhelmed with support requests that are eerily similar. This is why I
> ask if 1.7 is ready for prime time. Perhaps I'm just being unlucky, and
> thats ok.

I'm assuming you've checked for BLODAs, and that you have no known or
suspected BLODAs running.  In that case...

My gut says that the postinstall scripts are encountering the dreaded
"*** unable to remap" error, which (a) takes a few seconds before cygwin
gives up and reports it (to setup; you won't see the error message), and
(b) leaves a zombie process running around. If this occurs every time
setup tries to run a postinstall script, and there are 40-50 such
scripts in a typical 'virgin' installation, then...pain.

My suggestion is: if everything has actually been downloaded and
installed, and only the postinstall scripts are causing problems, then
kill setup, and manually:

launch cmd
cd C:\cygwin-1.7\bin
rebaseall -v
for f in /etc/postinstall/*.sh ; do
  /bin/bash -c $f && mv $f $f.done

But...take all that with a grain of salt.  It's just my gut feeling with
very little evidence to back it up.


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