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R: Manually installing a packages not in the cygwin repositories

--- Gio 10/12/09, gialloporpora ha scritto:

> Dear all,
> I am trying to install M2 using new cygwin setup 1.7Beta,
> since? it doesn't supports the new beta,? I have
> received an error message when I have trid to install
> packages from M2 repository:
> I have installed it manually, in ~/foo/usr following the
> steps on the M2 site:
> Now it works (I have not tested it with X-11), but I must
> to go on the folder where? I have extracted the bz
> file
> /foo/usr/bin
> There exists a script to install it like other Cygwin
> packages (for example executable in? the bin directory
> C:\cygwin\bin or /usr/bin) ?
> Sorry but I am a newbe of Cygwin, an d I have tried to
> Googling withount finding anything
> I have already tried to move directory manually but I
> have? "access denied" errors trying to launch M2
> Sandro

Dear Sandro,
the cygwin-1.7 can not install the package as
the Macaulay repository miss the setup-2.ini file.
The workaround is to install from a local directory.

You need to create on your "Local Package Directory"
a directory called

Then copy the file

in it and rename it "setup-2.ini"

then create a subdirectory "Macaulay2"
and copy in it the package

In this way you have created the expected structure.

Now run setup-1.7 and choose "Install from Local Directory".



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