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Re: How to print the full Windows path inside the sed command?

On 2009-12-09, Jeremy Bopp wrote:
> Chip Panarchy wrote:

> > Then I ran the following command from command-prompt;
> > 
> > find2 . -follow -type f | sed -e "s|^\.|PATH|" -e "s|^|File:\t|"
> > 
> > Is there a command (from Cygwin/Linux: PATH) which I can use to print
> > the full directory path?
> > 
> > Please tell me how I can make this command work.
> The default behavior of the find program is to print out paths including
> the path to the directory you are searching.  In your case, you're using
> the current working directory (.), but you could give find the full path
> instead.  You can run something like the following:
> find path/to/my/directory -follow -type f | sed -e "s|^|File:\t|"
> All file paths printed by this will have path/to/my/directory included
> so there is no need to have sed try to replace (.) with some other path
> string.

In addition to all that, if you're trying to convert between Cygwin
full path names and Windows full path names, use cygpath.


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