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Re: 1.5.25-15: Problem running rpmbuild from a bash script

On Wed, Dec 9, 2009 at 11:01 AM, Matt Rice <> wrote:
> That may very well be. ?But I can't really determine anything because
> I get no error messages.
> Also, I got desperate, so I uninstalled cygwin, changed some
> permissions on the root cygwin directory, then reinstalled. ?Now I'm
> able to run the bash command in a windows prompt. ?However, I'm
> ashamed to say this wasn't my real problem. ?Currently, I have a
> Bamboo windows service running (under the SYSTEM account). ?This
> process is what calls bash.exe. ?I thought since the windows prompt
> was acting the same way, fixing one would fix both. ?I was obviously
> wrong.
> I know that there are issues with sshd running on 2003 under SYSTEM.
> Could this be the same issue? ?Is there anything I can do to get more
> information from the failed command?

Well, I tried adding SYSTEM to the create token object policy, and
restarted the Bamboo service for the heck of it.  Now it appears
everything is working fine.  I removed SYSTEM from the policy and
restarted the service again just to make sure this was what was
causing the issue.  Apparently it wasn't, as it still works.  So I'm
not sure what fixed it, but sorry for spamming the list.


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