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Re: [1.7] problems with compiling geos

kiorky wrote:
> Dave Korn a Ãcrit :
>> kiorky wrote:
>>> What is this "__wrap__Znwj" and how can it mess the environment leading
>>> to a segfault ?
>> Sorry, you've gotten bitten by a bug(*) with the current libstdc++ DLL:
>> it gets broken after running 'rebaseall'.  Please reinstall it using
>> setup.exe and the problem should be fixed.
> Great, no problem as far as i know now there may be a solution  :D. Which
> package contains this dll ?

  Generic solution: How to find out which package contains any file from your
cygwin install:

> $ cygcheck -f /usr/bin/cygstdc++-6.dll
> libstdc++6-4.3.4-1
> $

  That works for anything installed by setup.exe.

> Where i can find documentation on the package manager to get those
> informations  ?

  The setup.exe gui is fairly limited, you can search for package names using
it but it doesn't have a way to drill down into the contents of each package.
 Instead, we have the 'cygcheck' command-line utility for inspecting the
details of packages; it can tell you what's installed, list all the files in a
package, verify if a package is correctly installed, etc.

  There's "cygcheck --help" output to get you started and and fuller
documentation in /usr/share/doc/cygwin-doc-1.5/cygwin-ug-net.html (yes, that
does say '1.5' there regardless of the fact that we're on 1.7, that's about
the last remaining packaging issue before the release), or online at:

(Note that that URL will probably expire sometime in the next week when 1.7
goes live, if it stops working just remove "1.7/" from after "".)


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