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Re: UTF-8 in Cygwin console on 1.7

Andy Koppe schrieb:
2009/12/8 Cliff Hones:
Perhaps setup.exe should offer to generate a shortcut (as well as .bat
and .ico) with, say, the Lucida font selected?
Or just do so without asking? ...
Yes it should. As I understood, however, this is not immediately easy because the format this information is stored by Windows shortcuts is not completely reverse-engineered.

We've had a number of questions on this
already, and there are likely to be many more. People can always
choose the raster font in the properties if they prefer that.

I have just checked Cygwin 1.5 and this aslo mishandles NUL, so I guess
it is a long-standing problem (or Microsoft oddity, or workaround for
something else...).
I would not say it's mishandled. Different terminals handle NUL differently, and you can also see differences in other control characters. E.g. some are displayed as their VGA symbols by cygwin console.
Since control characters are not considered printable and most special functions they originally had are obsolete nowadays, I would mostly consider their display undefined.

I don't know what the story behind that is, but a (trivial) fix is
attached. It also changes the handling of SI (0xF) in the same way.
SO and SI are also changed by my console enhancements patch (posted these days to cygwin-patches) to switch VT100 graphics mode.


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