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R: octave-forge packages not automatically available

--- Mar 8/12/09, James R. Phillips ha scritto:

> Hi,
> After installing both octave 3.2.3-1 and octave-forge
> 20090607-2, the functions in the various octave-forge
> packages are not automatically available within octave.
> Adding a line such as "pkg load foo" in ~/.octaverc is a
> workaround that makes the functions in? octave-forge
> package foo available to an individual user. **This should
> probably be documented in /usr/share/doc/octave-forge.**
> As an alternative. the file
> /usr/share/octave/3.2.3/m/startup/octaverc could be patched
> to load all functions in /usr/share/octave/packages and
> /usr/lib/octave/packages on startup. This would be effective
> for all users.
> Thanks Marco for the all the good packaging work with
> octave.
> Regards
> Jim Phillips

Hi Jim,
the forge packages are NOT automatically loaded by my choice.
Not all the packages are of the same quality and some
break/modify some functionality on the core, so I prefer
that if you need any specific package you should load 
it by yourself.



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