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1.5.25-15: Problem running rpmbuild from a bash script


I'm having problems running rpmbuild from a bash script.  The problem
occurs when I run the script outside an interactive bash prompt.

The script can be as simple as this:

set -x
echo $?

If I run ./ or /bin/bash in an interactive bash prompt,
I get a correct error message stating that I need to supply a spec
file, and I get an exit status of 1.  This is expected.

If I run the script from a windows prompt like so:
C:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe, all I get are the echoed commands and
128.  According to the bash manual, the 128 status code means it
terminated on a signal of 0.

I've tried numerous things to get this to work.  They include changing
permissions on the script and bash itself, specifying the
non-symlink'd path to rpmb.exe, and setting up the exact environment
that the interactive prompt had.

I should also mention that I'm testing this on a Windows Server 2003
setup.  I've tried doing the same thing on a Windows XP SP3 setup, and
had no problems.  I've included the cygcheck.out file, with sensitive
data replaced with ****.

What could be causing this?


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