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Re: General questions about upgrading to 1.7

On Dec  8 13:45, wrote:
> I'm plannig to migrate my production env (i.e. my XPSP3 box at work
> 8-D), from 1.5.25 to 1.7 as soon as there is an official release,

There's no reason not to use the current beta.  The current 1.7.0-68
is probably equivalent to the official 1.7.1 release.

> and I dont want to ruin 1.5 if things work unexpectedly, so...
> Q1-Not having gone through beta-testing process, am I supposed to 
> install 1.7 over existing 1.5?

In theory that's possible.  It's not quite clear yet if we really
want to allow it for a couple of reasons.  You read the User's Guide,
so you know that there are really a lot of changes which will also
change the user experience, for instance mount point handling, UTF-8
as default charset, to name the most important ones.

If you want to be on the safe side, install Cygwin 1.7 into another
directory, for instance C:\cygwin-1.7.

> Q2-If so, what will happen to my custom env files (.bashrc, for
> example)? will they be left untouched?

Yes.  Trouble are the user mount points.  These are the ones which under
1.5 are stored in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry area.  While the system
mount pointsd (the ones under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE) will be converted to
mount points in /etc/fstab, this won't happen for user mount points.
Every user who has user mount points will have to recover them manually
via the copy-user-registry-fstab shell script.  See the last note below

> Q3-Possibly a fool question, but anyways, are those apps I built under
> /usr/local/stow still gonna work?

There's a 99% chance that they still work.  YMMV.


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