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Re: Help with errors while compiling

Afflictedd2 wrote:
what... ? what are you implying.. that doesn't help !

jreidthompson wrote:
Afflictedd2 wrote:
Thank you Dave! I hadn't thought of doing it directly in the cygwin
because I had tried it on my regular console which also has the cygwin
in it, but it also has the mingw32 path.. which I think that's the root
all evil :\

Hey, no fair, you never mentioned all that before!
Sorry I forgot :\

It works great like that, also with my makefile.. but I want it to work
the IDE, because I like a lot of its features, and I'm I don't like the
cygwin console much. I just need to know what environment I need to
in it. Any clues where I could find this type of information?

I know I used mingw-make32 but.. I've also tried using the
C:\Cygwin\bin\make, and I get the same errors, so if there could be a way
put the same environment that cygwin console has, into my IDE. Where is
environment information listed?


Dave Korn-6 wrote:
Afflictedd2 wrote:

Now that you say that. I will simplify my makefile, but then it doesn't
what pthread_create is.. or anything related to pthread.
C:\Users\Viper\Documents\Cpp\Pthreads>"C:\Program Files\SlickEdit
2009\win\vsbuild" -signal 9009 -command make -f "Makefile" CFG=Debug
Hey, no fair, you never mentioned all that before!

mingw32-make: *** [Debug/Pthreads.o] Error 1
  And you're not even using cygwin make.  Clearly this "vsbuild" thing
idea how to drive Cygwin's gcc and it's getting all your paths and
variables mixed up.

The Pthreads.cpp file is perfect, I've tried it in Linux..
And I've tried it in Cygwin:

$ mkdir Debug

admin@ubik /tmp/pthread
$ g++ -c   -g -o "Debug/Pthreads.o"  Pthreads.cpp

admin@ubik /tmp/pthread
$ echo $?

admin@ubik /tmp/pthread
... so it's all down to some problem in the IDE you're using.  Which
be expecting to work with visual studio.  No wonder the poor thing's


"C:\Program Files\SlickEdit  so perhaps the user guide at

Based on the data you've posted I guessed that you are using slickedit >>>>> C:\Users\Viper\Documents\Cpp\Pthreads>"C:\Program Files\SlickEdit as your IDE. Is this an incorrect assumption? If it is, then you need to provide more information -- what IDE are you using?

You asked this question ->>>I just need to know what environment I need to
>>> create
>>> in it. Any clues where I could find this type of information?

I thought perhaps that the slickedit user guide might provide clues on how to setup various build environments.
Assuming that slickedit is your ide, I googled for slickedit cygwin configuration and found which may or may not be of help...

If your IDE and it's documentation do not provide enough information for you to setup the environment, then you may want to consider a different IDE. CodeBlocks works well on windows and is fairly easy to configure for all the compiler environments I have on my box
cygwin (i had to explicitly configure Settings/compiler & debuger/cygwin gcc/ to point to gcc-3 and g++-3
as I have /etc/alternatives configured and codeblocks could not use the symlink)
as well as the built-in ?mingw? gcc environment

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