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Re: Hippo icon for cygwin...

On 2009-12-06 18:33Z, Charles Wilson wrote:

[ icons cause crashes on old XP machines...]

> Well then, what happens if the icon in question is inside a DLL?

We have a winner.

> Can you try creating a shortcut, and setting its icon to the hippo in
> each of these two DLLs?  The _vista one has the hippo with all
> resolutions including 256x256 png, and the _xp one has the hippo with
> everything but that.

On both machines--XP SP1 and XP SP2--these shortcuts seem
well behaved. Their icons are hippos in windows explorer.
They remained hippos when I copied both shortcuts to each
machine's desktop. No crash was observed with the dll as
the source of the icons.

Just for yucks, I tried dropping both resource dlls on the
1997 borland C++ 5.02 IDE, which is designed to extract
resources from executable binaries. The 'xp' dll loaded
fine: I could see all the icons, and even manipulate the
hippo. The 'vista' dll failed to load, giving a messagebox:
  "Resource compiler error: Invalid icon format"
I also tried dragging and dropping the 'vista' dll on my
2004 copy of 'irfanview'; it correctly displayed the classic
32x32x24bpp Cygwin icon.

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