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Re: Hippo icon for cygwin...

Greg Chicares wrote:
> On 2009-12-05 14:27Z, Charles Wilson wrote:
>> Still, it'd be good to avoid...
> I'm probably not the only person running Cygwin
> on a 2005-vintage system, so it's good to isolate the problem...
> Okay, yet many large-corporation IT departments are sticking
> with XP for the foreseeable future, 

I think many (such as mine) decided to skip vista and have plans in
place -- eventually -- to move to W7.

> even for brand-new machines.
> And apparently the vista-sized icons aren't gracefully ignored
> by XP (SP1 at least), no matter what ms may say. BTW, the
> graphics drivers on the SP2 machine were current when I checked
> them for updates about two weeks ago.


>> Supposedly, the 256x256 png-compressed size should be ignored on
>> platforms that do not support it -- but maybe that's causing your
>> problem.  Try the attached version, which omits the 256x256 resolution.
> This new .ico works fine in every graphics program I can find,
> even on the XP SP1 machine--specifically including the two
> programs that failed with the original icon.

Well then, what happens if the icon in question is inside a DLL?

Can you try creating a shortcut, and setting its icon to the hippo in
each of these two DLLs?  The _vista one has the hippo with all
resolutions including 256x256 png, and the _xp one has the hippo with
everything but that.

I *hope* that hiding the icon inside the _vista dll allows even XPsp1 to
work...if not, I'll need to either avoid the png-compressed one entirely
in the next cygutils release, or create TWO for preVista, and
one for postVista. Ick.


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