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Re: nasm -- what format does cygwin use?

Dave Korn wrote:
Tim Prince wrote:
If running inside cygwin, you let the cygwin developers make the choice,
which the binutils as will select automatically (PE-i386?).
	They didn't choose, or I wouldn't be asking the question.
The util and build are using different names with 'flavors' for variations
on the basics.

  Linda, my reading of the "nasm -hf" output suggests you'd want the win32
output format.  If you check the generated .o files it using "objdump -h" you
should see "file format pe-i386", which is right.  After you've got .o files,
you'll still need to link them; hopefully your makefiles will work with
cygwin's LD easily enough.
	win32 was my guess as well.  Since the prior choice when this thing
was build for cygwin was gnuwin, (gnu on windows), I was pretty sure that
has to be something like win32.

	I knew Eric Blakes answer was hopelessly unhelpful and just trying
to wind me up since PE-coff isn't even on the list (though coff is), but
that would be too generic if the previous name was something as specific as
gnuwin, but win32...well that give a win32 object.  Which is sorta what
cygwin links with I think...just not the win32 libraries.  For COFF, it
describes that as being used by DJGPP for DOS, and that just sounds way

Well, all I can do as try, at least I have a reasoned plurality
at this point, which among programmers working with windows (let alone
a *nix environment on windows like cygwin...) is saying something...:-)
Who knows if it will work.

I was jut trying to build the unix version
of 7z on cygwin, since the cygwin version I have installed doesn't work
due to a missing library -- dunno what happened to the file, but something
under a 'codec' subdir in /usr/lib/p7zip/Codecs was being referenced, and
that dir's empty. But I also noticed I have the windows version in /prog64/7-zip, which has the added bonus of being notably faster as it's
64-bit native code. But it would be nice to have the same utils on my linux
and cygwin.

Thanks for the reasoned and thoughtful answer (whether it's right or wrong) :-)

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