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Re: nasm -- what format does cygwin use?

Tim Prince wrote:
> Linda Walsh wrote:
>> I am trying to compile a program that use nasm and it thought that
>> gnuwin32 was a format for nasm (don't know if it used to be, but it's
>> not now).
>> Does cygwin use standard linux format now 'elf', or is it using
>> win32?..or
>> something else)?
> If running inside cygwin, you let the cygwin developers make the choice,
> which the binutils as will select automatically (PE-i386?).

  Well, nasm != binutils, so in theory it could do things differently if it chose.

>  nasm might
> be used, I suppose, with mingw, as your comment almost implies, so
> becomes off topic for this list, if you refer to development for
> non-cygwin targets.

  Nope, it has nothing to do with that.  nasm is an assembler.  It generates
relocatable object files.  It has no concept of an ABI, or a system library,
or anything like that.

  Linda, my reading of the "nasm -hf" output suggests you'd want the win32
output format.  If you check the generated .o files it using "objdump -h" you
should see "file format pe-i386", which is right.  After you've got .o files,
you'll still need to link them; hopefully your makefiles will work with
cygwin's LD easily enough.


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