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Confusion re: use of rebaseall vs. rebase to relieve BitDefender woes

Okay, I'm hoping someone can help me understand what I SHOULD have done to properly rebase cygwin 1.7 under Win 7 so it would make nice with BitDefender.

As has been pointed out here before, the combination of cygwin 1.7 and
BitDefender 2010 make for one unhappy little user.  As a reminder, BitDefender's
solution to this issue is to rebase cygwin1.dll as follows:

    1) Temporary disable AVC (BitDefender->Antivirus->Advanced Settings, uncheck
       AVC). [ AVC == "Active Virus Control"]
    2) Make sure all cygwin applications are closed.
    3) Open a Windows cmd line and enter the following:

	  cd c:\cygwin\bin
	  copy cygwin1.dll cygwin_orig.dll
          copy cygwin1.dll cygwin_tmp.dll
	  rebase -b 0x35000000 cygwin_tmp.dll
	  copy cygwin_tmp.dll cygwin1.dll

4) Reenable AVC (BitDefender->Antivirus->Advanced Settings, check AVC)

I've done the above every time I've re-installed or upgraded cygwin 1.7
beta on this machine (running Win 7), and it's been working.  But the
last time, I began having problems whenever I'd try and pipe  one
process to another -- say, the output of a find command into an xargs
grep or something.  It would lock up the bash window and begin dumping
a core file.

Being something of an idiot as to how Windows dlls truly (don't) work,
I figured maybe some of the cygwin libs and commands which were still
colliding with BitDefender's libs, so I decided to combine the BitDefender
procedures and values with what was advised by the cygwin rebase doc:


To wit:

  1) shutdown all Cygwin processes and services
  2) start ash (do not use bash or rxvt)
  3) execute /bin/rebaseall (in the ash window)
  4) execute /bin/peflagsall (in the ash window)

So here's what I did:

  1) Shutdown all Cygwin procs and services;
  2) Turned off Active Virus Control so I could run any commands under ash;
  3) Started ash;
  4) executed /bin/rebaseall in the ash window as follows:
       $ /bin/rebaseall -b 0x35000000 -v
  5) Executed /bin/peflagsall in the ash window as follows:
       $ /bin/peflagsall
  6) Turned BitDefender AVC back on, and fired up rxvt to test.

Alas, no joy.  When I try to execute any command in the rxvt window
under bash, it thinks awhile, then does nothing, as per the transcript

    $ ls
    $ pwd
    $ less -i .bashrc
    $ find . -type f -print

So my question: Why wouldn't have using rebaseall -b 0x35000000 have
worked as well as running rebase -b 0x35000000 against just cygwin1.dll


-- Ed

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