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(random:)Re: Why does exiting bash window kill off Gvim? (Windows version, but X-would be same question)

FWIW -- now cygwin is NOT killing off background processes.  I haven't even
installed new versions -- was just thinking about it -- MAN that is
FAST fixing!   ;-)


I maintain that I continue to experience transient and non-repeatable
errors that defy explanation (on Win7). It' might be Win7's auto
repair functionality changing the environment dynamically? Just a thought.

I read that "it's a feature" for repairs to functionality to be made
in the background, automatically, when the system detects an application
not working.  They regard it as desirable if it does this correction


Probably not that here, but whatever.  It's probably still true with x
progs, but they aren't where I left them. (gvim in particular)...

That's what I'm talking about -- things appear to show up in some locations but then are not there when I look later or in explorer.
Very disconcerting.

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