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Cygwin bug in warning about DOS chars when they are not...

I was in bash, and was using shell auto complete to cd to a directory. I got to a point where it had placed backslashes in the path to quote dollar
signs and CYGWIN mistakenly threw-up, or threwout an error message about
using DOS PATHS. I wish it would revert to previous behavior and just accept them where used. Some Windows programs NEED C: in front of them to tell THEM what drive THEY are on -- even though cygwin may not care.

Such a change hurts compatibility with windows programs -- which any windows user is going to probably use at one point or another while
they are in a bash shell. I'm *ALWAYS* in a bash shell when use a command line in Windows. I can't stand cmd.exe.

Geez.. But This error is not about my 'side rant' (this error message just wound me up...). This is about Cygwin just being 'wrong' about my complained about backslash usage that was being used to QUOTE the dollar signs.

Obviously Cygwin is being over-zealous in checking for valid path
specifications in places it shouldn't be checking.

I hit "ESC" (path completion) after I the 0:  ----+
/Users/lin> cd /Windows/Installer/\$PatchCache\$/0cygwin warning:
 MS-DOS style path detected: /Windows/Installer/\$PatchCache\$/
 Preferred POSIX equivalent is: /Windows/Installer//$PatchCache/$/
 CYGWIN environment variable option "nodosfilewarning" turns off this warning.
 Consult the user's guide for more details about POSIX paths:

This resulted in the backslashes being removed and passed to bash, which then

bash: cd: /Windows/Installer/$PatchCache$/0: No such file or directory

Except I hadn't wanted to end the path there...(I easily retyped and fixed
the problem as the error message doesn't happen a 2nd time), but it shouldn't
have happened at all -- I was using "\" as a valid quoting character of "$".

Cygwin ver=1.7.0-67
bash ver=  3.2.49-23
bash-completion ver= 1.1-2

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