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Re: Fwd: bash script bugs

On 12/02/2009 08:20 PM, Sergey Ivanov wrote:
Have a script:
f="$(ls $1)"
for v_file in "$f"; do
  echo $v_file

Twos things do not work as they should. By order:
1) Output in command line for nest commands
  ls /cygdrive/d/install/buf/*.html
  dir /cygdrive/d/install/buf/*.html
is same:

while output for ./
/cygdrive/d/install/buf/*.html is only

This is no bug. It's a user error. If you want to show
both files you either need to escape the '*' in the parameter your pass to it or have
the script process all the parameters (i.e. $*) with the internal 'ls' command.

2) (not critical but not "classical") Both command line script and
outputs for current folder in one line:
ls returns  cygcheck.out  sources
and so ./ do

That seems "classical" to me. If you prefer 1 file per line, use the '-1' flag.

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