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Re: odd segfault with my c program using cygwin 1.7

On 12/2/09, Eliot Moss <> wrote:
> Andy Koppe wrote:
>> 2009/12/2 jeffunit:
>>> When compiled with
>>> gcc cal.c -o cal
>>> and run with
>>> cal 2009
>>> I get a segmentation fault.
>>> When I uncomment line 62, the program runs successfully.
>> It's the line after that that has the bug: it's writing to index 432
>> of a 432-element array.
> I disagree -- I uncommented the line to verify, but it's clear
> that j<6*72 keeps j within the array.  The program compiles and
> runs fine in my up-to-date cygwin 1.7 setup under Windows 7.
> There must be something else going on for the OP.

Does OP get a consistent failure mode with different compiler options?

> Best wishes -- Eliot Mos
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