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Re: odd segfault with my c program using cygwin 1.7

Andy Koppe wrote:
> 2009/12/2 jeffunit:
>> My program ran fine under cygwin 1.5 as well as many versions of linux
>> including
>> mandriva 2009, mandriva 2009.1 and mandriva 2010.0
>> When compiled with
>> gcc cal.c -o cal
>> and run with
>> cal 2009
>> I get a segmentation fault.
>> When I uncomment line 62, the program runs successfully.
> It's the line after that that has the bug: it's writing to index 432
> of a 432-element array.

  Doesn't look like it does to me:

>         for(j=0; j<6*72; j++) {
> 	    //printf("joe %d\n", j);
> 	    string[j] = '\0';
> 	}

  That's less than 432, not less than or equal.

  It ran to completion on my machine without a problem.  I tried it without
any -O option, and at -O{0,2,3} without any problem.  I ran it under gdb and
set a watchpoint on string[432] and it ran without tripping.  So I don't know
what's going wrong for OP.


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