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Re: [1.7] git-difftool paths unusable by win32 kdiff3

On Wed, Dec 2, 2009 at 10:11, Jeremy Bopp wrote:
> David Antliff wrote:
>> On the other hand, this command does work:
>> kdiff3 --auto --L1 "build.xml (A)" --L2 "build.xml (B)"
>> c:/cygwin-1.7/tmp/Vc0BZy_build.xml build.xml
> As a fairly simple workaround, you could create a wrapper script which
> takes the same set of arguments git difftool gives to kdiff3 and
> converts the given file paths using cygpath -w before exec'ing the real
> kdiff3. ?Then you can point to that wrapper by setting the git
> configuration variable difftool.kdiff3.path to the path for the wrapper
> script. ?Run "git difftool --help" for more information.

Jeremy, thank you for your reply.

It's slightly more complicated than this, because I need a way to
translate "/tmp" to the Cygwin installation directory. I.e. it's not a
simple case of replacing "/tmp" with "c:/tmp" but rather
anything similar exists.

This is because my users have cygwin installed in different places.
For example, some have it on "c:\cygwin", others "d:\cygwin" and even
"c:\cygwin-1.5" or  "c:\cygwin-1.7". I need a general way to determine
the Cygwin installation path. Any ideas? Is there a supported way for
a script to determine the Cygwin installation directory, perhaps
relative to /cygdrive or as a DOS path?

-- David.

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