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Re: how to get the windows PATH env in cygwin

Lee Maschmeyer wrote:
>> To verify it, all you have to do is open a bash prompt (Cygwin.bat,
>> mintty, rxvt, whatever) and then launch a cmd.exe or powershell.
>> Check the path in the bash prompt and you will see the cygwin stuff at
>> the beginning of it.
>> Check the path in the cmd.exe or powershell prompt which was run
>> *after* the bash script updated the path and you will see that it does
>> *not* include the cygwin paths.
> Well, I just (gasp) tested! And awful lot of bandwidth wasting is being
> done by people who think they know how it works. 

  Even more bandwidth being wasted by people who misread the instructions.
When it says "Open a bash prompt and then launch a cmd.exe" it doesn't say you
are to launch it /from/ the bash prompt.  It means launch it *after* the bash
prompt in time.

> But for me, at least,
> the path from the invocation of cmd was the same as the path in the
> Cygwin session from which it was invoked. 

  You weren't supposed to invoke it from the Cygwin session.  Of course, you
could point out that the original wording was ambiguous.  I noticed it was
ambiguous too, but rather than vainly assume the OP was stupid and I was
clever, I just worked out which one of the two possibilities the OP must have
intended based on the assumption that he was *not* stupid and since one of
those two possibilities produced exactly the results OP claimed they would it
was obvious which one OP was referring to.

  You would do well to reset your default assumptions about other people.


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