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Re: Nasty permissions / pathing bug on 1.7

On Dec  1 18:03, Steven Hartland wrote:
> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Corinna Vinschen"
> >That's by design.  When you use Win32 paths, instead of POSIX paths,
> >you will get Win32 default permission handling.  Or, in other words,
> >for all DOS paths the mount mode is "noacl".
> Ok that begs the questions:-
> 1. What was the reasoning behind this change?

Win32 path -> No POSIX path -> no POSIX permissions.

There was a thread on this list about this very problem a couple of
months ago.  It was generally agreed that handling Win32 paths this way
consistently is a good thing.

> 2. Surely when performing changes on permissions with a mount mode of
> noacl it should be a fatal error?

No.  "noacl" means that permissions are faked.

> #2 I think is imperative as to leave the user thinking all is well
> is going to lead to real confusion, just like it did here, especially
> as this worked just fine in 1.5.
> I know the warning is there but at no point does it mention the fact
> it totally breaks anything that tries to manipulate permissions.

It's easy.  If you want POSIX permssion handling, stick to the POSIX


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