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Re: getopt bugs

On Nov 30 16:54, Eric Blake wrote:
> Cygwin 1.7 getopt has made some strides towards being more Linux-compatible, 
> but there are still a couple remaining bugs recently detected by the m4 
> testsuite.

Bugs?  Linux-incompatibilities, ok, but bugs?

> On Linux, setting optind=0 forces a re-evaluation of
> getenv("POSIXLY_CORRECT"); this can be useful if a program wants to
> parse multiple argv sequences, and calls either
> unsetenv("POSIXLY_CORRECT") or setenv("POSIXLY_CORRECT","",1) in
> between the two sequences.  But on cygwin, the environment is
> consulted only once and cached; thereafter, there is no way to change
> the state of whether the getopt engine will attempt posix compliance.

That's still the case in the upstream OpenBSD sources.

A fix based on these sources would be simple, though.

> On Linux, there is an extension to POSIX of using "-" at the beginning
> of the optstring argument to getopt to get it to parse all arguments
> in order until an instance of "--" is encountered (with non-options
> appearing as if they were the optarg of the invisible short-opt '\1').
> Cygwin's getopt also supports this extension, but only when

Which makes sense, given that this is a GNU extension and not POSIXly

> (and given the first bug, 
> there is no way to unset the POSIXLY_CORRECT state once getopt() has been 
> invoked at least once).  Since a leading dash in the optstring is a pure 
> extension permitted by POSIX, the state of POSIXLY_CORRECT should not disable 
> the extension.

I disagree.  Or rather, I agree with the BSD sources here.  The in-order
scanning of the arguments should only be supported if POSIXLY_CORRECT is
not set.  I don't see the special allowance for a leading dash in optstring
anywhere in the POSIX getopt man pages.

> I don't know if either of these bugs have been fixed in the upstream BSD 
> sources that cygwin borrowed from, or if we also need to raise a BSD bug 
> report.

It's not a bug per se.  POSIX doesn't specify this behaviour so I don't
see how this qualifies as a bug.  The NetBSD sources show that the
developers are aware of the fact that glibc's getopt is handling the
in-order scanning independently of POSIXLY_CORRECT, but they didn't
align the behaviour to that so far.


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