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Re: How "beta" is the beta 1.7?

On Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 08:06:18AM -0600, Rance Hall wrote:
>The timeline for 1.7 going stable is any day now. (late November,
>early December)
>I am running a windows 7 box that I want to install the new 1.7
>Ive used older versions of cygwin so I know what to expect as far as
>usage goes, but these questions weren't covered in the FAQ as far as I
>could tell.
>1)  I would like to install the "beta" but have a concern about
>needing to reinstall when 1.7 does go "stable".  Is this concern bogus
>or is there some basis in reality for it?

It's bogus.

>2)  Some of you may know of the program poderosa, which I have used in
>the past, poderosa is a tool that lets you open tabbed browsers and
>use ssh/telnet/and cygwin and has plugins that allow you to support
>null modem connections and zmodem up/downloads all at the same time.
>With my test install of windows 7 poderosa could not detect that
>cygwin was installed.  I assume that this is caused by a registry
>entry that the old installer could not set.  Is there any confirmation
>of this and if cygwin 1.7 fixes this?

It's not a Cygwin bug if Poderosa (an excellent native terminal utility)
does not recognize Cygwin 1.7.  You should take that up with the
poderosa developers.  Cygwin no longer uses the registry for the mount
table.  There are other registry markers now in use.



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