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Re: cyg1.7 - DOS character remapping: change request.

2009/11/29 Linda Walsh:
> Â Â Â ÂI'm aware that this would reserve the 'display forms'
> of those chars and map them them to their real forms when
> interpreted within cygwin. ÂI don't see this to be a problem.

But it is a problem. It would make it impossible to use the wide forms
of those deadly chars in Cygwin filenames.

Btw, does anyone know why those wide ASCII chars exist in the first
place? Do they occur in East Asian character sets?

Also, looking at this issue from another direction, if I create a file
called "a:b" on my Linux box, it appears as "A4WTMA~A" via Samba. What
happened there?

> _I_ use those [wide ASCII chars] in filesnames,
> and know of no compatibility problems having them
> treated as 'real' ascii characters under cygwin --
> since I am just using them for 'display' purposes
> in file names like like "Music:the group:title 1/3".

Sounds like you've found a good solution there already. The wide forms
show up correctly in Explorer, Cygwin, and via Samba, don't they?

To make them more convenient to use, you could add them to your
keyboard layout using Microsoft's Keyboard Layout Creator, e.g. with
AltGr+':' for the wide colon.


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