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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {terminfo/terminfo-extra/termcap}-5.7_20091114-3

Charles Wilson wrote:
Eliot Moss wrote:
The new termcap causes my xterm to segmentation fault.
When I back out just the termcap line of this update
in cygwin setup, xterm fires up fine.

Sigh. I think I know what the problem is. The fix is simple, but...

Some of the terminfo entries require more than 1KB to represent in
termcap format.  I was using 'tic -T' to "go ahead and use it anyway".
Looks like I can't get away with that. I'll investigate and roll a new

BTW, how are you invoking xterm? What shell?

It is started as part of my .xinitrc, so bash I guess. I could not see the actual error there. I see the segmentation fault then I try starting an xterm from an rxvt window (running bash). This is with X started. With the working termcap, saying "xterm" in the rxvt window creates an xterm window within the X window, as expected.

Best wishes -- EM

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