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Re: [1.7] Accented characters don't work

On Sat, 28 Nov 2009 17:16:44 +0100, Marco Atzeri wrote:

--- Sab 28/11/09, lemkemch ha scritto:

> and the Cygwin console. Urxvt and xterm require an X

And that I really don't like.  Way too complex for my
taste for the
simple task of popping up a text window.

mintty is the right tool for replacing rxvt for not X11.

on XP I have no problem to build a file like
$ touch ÄÄÆÉßü

and to have exactly the same on explorer and from

I just gave it a try. It seemed to have solved the character problem but I now have a not responding mintty window. I started mintty from the rxvt window and tried to send it to the background with CTRL/D (which is what I have mapped susp to). mintty didn't go into the background so I CTRL/C'ed it in rxvt. That freed up the rxvt prompt but didn't kill the mintty process. The window still hangs around with that (Not Responding) headline.

I guess I stick with old trusty rxvt and skip this new fangled
utf-8 stuff.  But how do I get back a pure C locale?  I also
want ls -l to output the old standard date format.  So
setenv LANG C.what?  C.ISO-8859-15 is kind of nice (the accented
chars display fine) but ls then shows the iso-type date format.


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