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[ANNOUNCEMENT] [1.7] Updated: {terminfo/terminfo-extra/termcap}-5.7_20091114-12

The terminfo packages contain the terminal information database that
enables proper operation of ncurses-based applications. The termcap
package provides an obsolete, backwards-compatible format that
contains similar information, for a few selected terminal types.

This package provides the terminfo database using the arrangement
expected by the libncurses9 (and later) libraries. Older applications
which use the legacy libncurses8 library will use the data provided
by the terminfo0 backwards-compatibility database. Both terminfo and
terminfo0 may be installed simultaneously. Even OLDER applications
that use the obsolete /etc/termcap database are supported by the

The terminfo package contains most of the terminal definitions commonly
used on the cygwin platform, and a selection of others. The terminfo-extra
package provides all of the others.

CHANGES since terminfo-5.7_20090228
o Update to 20091114 patchset from ncurses

o Modify screen, xterm, cygwin, and cygwin-DBG terminal
  types to use ^? for backspace (e.g kbs=\177) rather than
  ^H.  Screen and the cygwin-1.7 console use this setting
  by default, so this corrects an error in the terminfo data.
  xterm has not yet been updated to use ^?; you should modify


  and add the following two lines, until it is updated:

	*backarrowKeyIsErase: true
	*ptyInitialErase: true

o Add termcap subpackage, replacing the pre-existing standalone
  version.  termcap has been deprecated, so the standalone
  package, which provided not just /etc/termcap, but also


  has been removed. For backwards compatibility, an updated
  version of /etc/termcap is provided here, but the development
  files are not: newly compiled applications should use terminfo
  (that is, libncurses) and not libtermcap.

o /etc/termcap now provides hicolor variants of putty, xterm,
  rxvt, and screen.

o /etc/termcap no longer provides the following entries and aliases,
  which were never supported by terminfo anyway and were therefore
  almost certainly broken, in practice:
  Removed Entries:
    other           (use 'unknown')
                    (use 'unknown') 
    pcansi-mono25   (use 'pcansi25m' terminfo; no termcap repl. provided) 
    pcansi-mono33   (use 'pcansi33m' terminfo; no termcap repl. provided)
    pcansi-mono43   (use 'pcansi43m' terminfo; no termcap repl. provided)
    linux-mono      (use 'linux-m' terminfo; no termcap repl. provided)
  Removed Aliases:
    print           (use 'lpr' instead)
    printing        (use 'lpr' instead)
    SC              (use 'screen' instead)
    SH              (use 'screen-s' instead)
    SB              (use 'screen-bce' instead)
    ansisys         (use 'ansi.sys' instead)
    ansi25          (use 'pcansi-25' instead)
    ansi33          (use 'pcansi-33' instead)
    ansi43          (use 'pcansi-43' instead)
    ansi-pc-color   (use 'klone+color' instead)

Charles Wilson
volunteer terminfo maintainer for cygwin


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your system.  Then, run setup and answer all of the questions.


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