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Re: [1.7] Accented characters don't work

On Sat, 28 Nov 2009 07:57:52 +0100, Andy Koppe wrote:

2009/11/27 :
What am I doing wrong with my first tries of 1.7?  I created in Windows
Explorer a directory Ébène and in it a file très.  When I look at it
with ls in an rxvt window I don't see the accented characters but the
two utf-8 bytes.  Hm.

Rxvt doesn't support UTF-8.

I knew. I expected that to mean that certain characters won't be displayed properly but thinking of it it means rxvt doesn't know how to `combine' those two (or more) bytes to a single character. Understandable.

It's dead upstream, so that's unlikely to
change. UTF-8 is supported by urxvt (aka rxvt-unicode), xterm, mintty,
and the Cygwin console. Urxvt and xterm require an X server.

And that I really don't like. Way too complex for my taste for the simple task of popping up a text window.

I then created the same directory from tcsh (my standard shell) and
from bash.

Did you run those in rxvt as well?

Yes. So I guess the byte my keyboard generated (by using a utility called AllChars) - and which had the 8th bit set - got converted into something that Windows thinks is Chinese. Hm, but how is rxvt involved here? Isn't that a pure stty kind problem? Would it work from a cmd window?


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