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Re: Defunct processes with 1.5.25-15; seemingly reproducible

Paul McFerrin wrote:
> A <defunct> process is not necesarily the real "problem". ?All <defunct>
> process are processes that their parent has NOT done a wait(2) yet. ?Since
> these <defunct> processes have called exit(2), they must hang around until a
> wait(2) is completed so that the exit status can be returned to the parent.
> ? You need to understand more of the parent/child relationship before
> ? you can pass blame, if any.

Personally, I'm not trying to blame anyone. ?I'm trying to figure out
what the real problem is, but I'm not familiar enough with the details
to track down the real problem. ?How about there any way
that I can be absolutely certain which process was the parent?

And what is the significance of the duplicated lines that ps showed
me? ?Each of three processes did indeed have a lock on an output file
from the most recent session, and yet all the information that ps
showed was identical to a previous session.

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