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Re: run: requires CYGWIN=tty?

Yaakov (Cygwin/X) wrote:
> I came across this error with run when launched from the cmd prompt with
> an empty CYGWIN variable:
>      1 [main] xterm 1248 dtable::stdio_init: couldn't make stderr
> distinct from stdout
> If I set CYGWIN=tty then this does not occur.  Is this expected?

Not by me.  The relevant code in cygwin looks like this:

  /* STD_ERROR_HANDLE has been observed to be the same as
     STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE.  We need separate handles (e.g. using pipes
     to pass data from child to parent).  */
  /* CV 2008-10-17: Under debugger control, std fd's have been potentially
     initialized in dtable::get_debugger_info ().  In this case
     init_std_file_from_handle is a no-op, so, even if out == err we don't
     want to duplicate the handle since it will be unused. */
  if (out == err && (!being_debugged () || !not_open (2)))
      /* Since this code is not invoked for forked tasks, we don't have
         to worry about the close-on-exec flag here.  */
      if (!DuplicateHandle (hMainProc, out, hMainProc, &err, 0, true,
          /* If that fails, do this as a fall back.  */
          err = out;
          system_printf ("couldn't make stderr distinct from stdout");

So, uhm...DuplicateHandle failed? That seems...strange.  Unless the
handle being duplicated is itself invalid.  (e.g. both out and err are
== INVALID_HANDLE (but then, !not_open(2) should catch that!)

Maybe somebody else will have an A-HA! moment, but without actually
debugging it this one has me confused.


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