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Re: subversion issues with server certs in latest cygwin

David Rothenberger wrote:
On 11/24/2009 11:59 AM, wrote:

We have several people who have updated their cygwin setup in the last month or so, and after doing so subversion no longer wants to connect to our subversion server. The server uses apache and ssl with our own cert. After upgrading the subversion client no longer ask the "this cert is untrusted, do you still want to connect" question.

I'm not having any problems here with either Cygwin 1.5 or Cygwin 1.7.
I'd just like to add that I am experiencing a 1.7 svn problem, too, although not exposing certificate issues.
After enquiring my password twice (!?), it fails with a message
svn: Can't remove file '.../trunk/db/.svn/log': No such file or directory

1.5 svn works fine on the same repository.


My WAG is to try rolling openssl back to the previous version to see if the recent changes to avoid renegotiation are causing your problems. If that doesn't work, we're going to need to find an SSL SVN server that demonstrates the problem and that I can access.

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