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Re: Cygwin bash regexp matching doesn't treat "\b" properly

aputerguy schrieb:
Hugh Myers:
This might come across as slightly smart-assed, but if you wrote your
script in Perl, you wouldn't have the platform problem, nor the
word-boundary problem. True you would have a Perl problem, but that
would still be several orders of magnitude easier than trying to have
Linux, Cygwin and Posix come to agreement!! :)

As soon as Perl becomes the default shell...

Seriously, there are times to use Perl and times not to...
But launching perl seems a bit of overkill when I just have to do a simple
match in a .bashrc script or when I need a small shell script wrapper.

Perhaps it is an option to use the "extglob shell option" of the bash shell in the script.
Then you can use a pattern-list in the statement. Something like
[[ ${foo} = @(bar|${foo}|sds) ]]
You have to build the pattern-list in a little bit different way, because of the separator "|".

This works in ksh and bash ;-)
I use this on AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Linux and Cygwin with bash and KSH.


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