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Is there a more Linux consistent version of ps?

I have been wondering about this for a long time...

The ps command on cygwin and Linux use incompatible options & flags and
display incompatible output formats. Additionally, linux ps is much more
feature rich.

While I could live with fewer features, the incompatibility in basic input
options and the lack of consistent output format is a PITA since it breaks
many of my scripts. Compatibility here is important since 'ps' is such a
basic script building block used all the time to get info about other

Now I could understand that differences in Windows and Linux architecture
could lead to some features being implementable on one platform vs. the
other, but I don't understand why there seems to be little if any consistent

Perhaps this is all a POSIX vs. not POSIX thing or something like that but I
would like to understand what the advantages are of the current approach and
why in particular the 'ps' on cygwin seems so underpowered and inconsistent.
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