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Re: [1.7] git checkout or clean fails to unlink submodule

> On Mon, Nov 23, 2009 at 17:26, Eric Blake wrote:
>> According to David Antliff on 11/22/2009 9:20 PM:
>>> Any suggestions how to investigate this further? Is there some way
>>> that Windows or Cygwin is somehow preventing the deletion of this
>>> directory?
>> More likely, this is due to the fact that git submodule is still an
>> interface in progress, and this is likely to be an upstream limitation.
>> I'd see if you can reproduce it on Linux, and if so, report it upstream.
>> Which reminds me, I need to package a newer version of git soon.

I've built git- from source on Linux (Ubuntu 8.04.3) and tried
the same test case. In this situation I get the following warning:

$ git checkout -f master
warning: unable to unlink build: Is a directory

This seems like a much more sensible warning message than "Operation
not permitted" on Cygwin - perhaps there's something that can be
improved there? The fact that it doesn't delete the directory is OK
with me, and is certainly not a Cygwin issue.

However I note that the 'build' directory is still not removed by 'git
clean -fdx' so it looks like that is a real-git problem, not a
Cygwin-git problem.

I tried the same thing with the latest "release" tagged version of
git,, on Linux and it behaves the same way as

So as this thread was really triggered by the ominous "Operation not
permitted" warning, I'm not sure there's a Cygwin issue here, except
perhaps that warning could be the same as the Linux warning - "Is a
directory" - instead? Perhaps this message comes from the Cygwin "OS"
in which case it might not be fixable in git.

-- David.

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