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1.5.25 under XP Pro SP3: autossh service drops connection immediately after pubkey authentication

I am trying to create an autossh service that?establishes a reverse
ssh connection to an openssh server runing on the local lan.? The
server will eventually migrate off the lan and I have no control over
the firewall which is why I'm testing this setup first.? I've run into
several problems:

I've had to set /etc/ssh_config StrictHostKeyChecking to No otherwise
host key verification will fail.

The autossh command line -i switch must look like
"/cygdrive/c/cygwin/home/Administrator/.ssh/id_rsa" rather than
"~/.ssh/id_rsa" otherwise it will not find the id_rsa key and the
connection will fail.

The previous two problems I've managed to workaround although I dont
understand why they come up in the first place.? In the end however,
the service manages to start, connects to my Openssh server and
authenticates, but then immediately drops the connection and the
autossh service stops.? I am running it as a SYSTEM service and I
believe I've set all the ownership and permissions correctly.? Regular
ssh into my server works correctly.? Autossh manually into my server
works correctly.? How do I fix this last problem?

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